What you can do to help the environment!

What can you do to help the environment?

Climate change is among us and I am a huge advocate for Veganism! I personally feel like the meat and cattle industries are the biggest contributors to climate change and in order to fight this, we need to work together and contribute as much as we can.

The recent fires at the Amazons were manufactured to use more land to expand on cattle usage which is really screwed up! Trees and the environment around the world act as the “lungs” of the Earth so destroying them would only damage the planet.

Changing to a vegan lifestyle is something we all can do to reduce the demand for meat and cattle! And changing to a vegan lifestyle is not as hard as it sounds!

There are so many vegan food options, vegan fashion and vegan products you can buy and more are being created! Here are some things you can do to contribute:

Change your diet:

I changed to a vegan lifestyle two months ago and so far, I have been absolutely loving it. I stopped buying meat or any animal food products and now only buy vegetables, fruits, and plant-based products. This change in diet is not only my small contribution to help the environment, but it is a very healthy diet change. The plant-based protein and plant meat products are really good and there are more options than ever! I’m slowly learning different recipes such as a Tofu veggie stir fry I made this week which was so tasty! Consciously eating less meat is something small you can do to help. Also, if you do start a vegan diet, please make sure you are getting all of your nutrients. You may need to purchase some supplements to get enough vitamins and proteins for example in your diet.

Be more conscious when buying clothes and shoes:

I am slowly changing my wardrobe to sustainable fabrics and clothes such as polyester and I’m becoming more conscious of the clothes that I wear and buy. I’ve recently removed and donated any pieces of clothes that were made of animal fabrics, such as wool. I make sure to read the tags to check the material used to make the product before purchasing.

Small changes around the household will help as well:

Small things around my home such as using less water, less electricity usage, and replacing products to sustainable products will all contribute. Some examples of this are simply taking less time in the shower and less time brushing your teeth to save water, turning off the light when leaving a room, unplugging electronics or appliances when not in use, and replacing plastic products such as my plastic toothbrush to bamboo made toothbrush.

Attending local protests/strike:

I attended the climate strike on September 20th, 2019 and it was incredibly powerful. Truly inspiring seeing all of these people and speakers fighting for a change in this world. After attending this strike, my passion to fight for my planet has exploded. Check out the pictures below I took when I attended this strike:

Please remember even the smallest change can make an impact. Starting now is CRUCIAL because we are running out of time. I’ve made the above changes in my life and I not only feel great physically because of the healthy diet change but also feel great that doing what I can to help the environment. Please join us.

Thank You,

Alexandra Linares

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